We’re two book people who are prone to having big, expensive ideas. One of these big expensive ideas is to open a microbookstore: a pop-up shop that would only stock five titles at a time, organized around a central theme. We’d carry those five titles until we replaced them with new selections based around a new theme.

However, it turns out we have no money, so we thought we’d get a blog instead of a bookstore. It works like this: on the first of each month, we’ll post a bookish theme, anything from first lines to small presses. We’ll spend the rest of the month telling you about our five favorites within that theme. They won’t necessarily be the best five, or the most distinguished, but they’ll be the five that we want to recommend, the ones we’d handsell in our microbookstore.

Each month we’ll be linking to a different indie bookstore. These are stores that care about bringing books to their communities. Check them out and support them. If you want to go buy from Amazon, whatever. Suit yourself.

Who We Are:

That’s not a picture of me. That’s a picture of Brigitta from the Sound of Music, who is also a pedant who reads too much. But I’m nice, I swear. I live in New York,  where I read many young adult novels and picture books (and sometimes grownup books too!) and talk too much and very loudly.

This isn’t a picture of me, either, though that’s probably pretty obvious. Whatever the resemblance might be (and I’m told it’s not insignificant), I’m a person, not an owl. I spend a lot of time talking about, writing about, and selling books for my job at an indie bookstore in Cambridge, MA. I also drive to the ocean, pine after Vermont and Italy, and gesture/flail enthusiastically.

This blog also features illustrations by the wonderful Katie Feldman. You can check out more of her awesome work at www.katiefeldman.com.

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