June 2015: Love stories

il_fullxfull.85349551So, we promised you we’d get back to good old-fashioned novels (/maybe some narrative nonfiction), and that promise we shall keep. And we figured there was no better way to get back to classic storytelling than with the most classic kind of storytelling of all: This month, we’re going to be posting about love stories.

We might get a little bit smooshy and gushy but probably not, because we’re not smooshy gushy people. It’s more likely that we’ll end up playing loosey goosey on the theme and end up with at least one lady bromance in the mix. But we shall see. Love can be capricious and so can we, and that’s okay because love means never having to say you’re sorry.

Yeah, cliches are gonna happen. It’s romance month, team.


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