At Amer’s till midnight, at least in my heart

I’m kind of a fiend for coffee shop reading. I’m pretty sure that started in college, when I used to spend eight literal hours at a time holed up in one of the booths at Amer’s on State Street in Ann Arbor. It started as studying, but after awhile it was basically my living room. Today I was looking through files on an old external hard drive, including transcripts of AIM conversations from college (super cool and productive day over here), and most of them went something like this:

them: hey

me: hey

them: what’s up

me: i’m at amer’s till midnight come by whenevs

them: maybe somewhere else?

me: no.

For graduation one of my friends bought me an Amer’s tshirt. I am wearing it right now.

amer-indoorI would kill to be there right now with a #25 (turkey, muenster, and honeycup mustard on rye), a diet coke with 25 cent refills, and a book (probably an Arabic textbook, which was mostly what I read in college).


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