January 2015: Ensembles

I was lying around yesterday being lazy, just thinking about how it was going to be January 1 tomorrow (now today!), and on January 1 two things were going to happen: a) we needed to figure out a new theme for a new month, and b) Friends was going to be on Netflix.






And then I got to thinking.


The best thing about Friends is obviously the ensemble-ness of the cast. And there are tons of other awesome ensembles out there in the book world.

I told Serena my idea and she was like


So this month we’ll be talking about books with great groups of characters—characters who are good alone,


but oh so much better together.


Ah yes, I can smell the anticipation.

Oh, and PS, this month we’ll be linking to The Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, Vermont. Hurrah!


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