And now for something completely expected.

books-for-christmas-32896937927_xlargeSo it’s December. And what is December if not the month when we all drown in best-of-the-year lists, plus twinkly lights. Yes, this month’s theme is—you guessed it!—2014 favorites. But! A twist! They will not be our 2014 favorites. Oh no no. This is going to be far more interesting, and it’s going to require us to do far less work.

A few of our book-people friends noticed us whitewashing this here fence and thought it looked mighty exciting, so we let them pick up a brush. Each of them is going to share one favorite from this year (“one” and “this year” are terms used loosely here) and tell you what bookstore you should buy it from.

We’ll chime in at the end with our own picks, as long as we’re not too buried under piles of presents to get to our computers on the 25th. Happy Decembering!


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