October 2014: Bad Guys

giphySometimes I just don’t care about the hero. Sometimes, the bad guy is just way too good. So this month, we’re talking about some of our favorite villains.

And we’re using that term broadly—like, Voldemort counts but so does (the pathetic) Draco Malfoy, not that you’ll actually see either of them on this list. (Because sadly, Harry Potter is still verboten, even though I desperately want to write about Snape, the single best good bad guy/bad good guy/what-in-the-world-is-he-I-still-don’t-know-and-the-last-book-came-out-seven-years-ago guy in all of literature.)

These are characters that complicate the concept of evil, or make our good-guy heroes grow, or just have really good creeper voices in our heads. They prove that characters don’t always have to be likable to be fully, wonderfully human.

Plus, it’s October, scary times, bad people, BOO!

PS This month we’re linking to Left Bank Books in St. Louis!


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