August 2014: Houses

My dad is really obsessed with houses. I’m pretty sure he missed his calling. Last week, I was at my parents’ house, and we were just sitting around watching some TV (you know, a Frasier marathon on Netflix, I regret nothing), and he was sketching out plans for a new house–a new house that he doesn’t actually plan on ever building or living in–on a pad of graph paper that he keeps around specifically for this purpose. He’s not an architect; this is just his way of daydreaming and doodling. I’ve always been a person who gets really invested in finding a sense of place, but in a bigger way–I spend a lot of time staring at maps and figuring out public transit systems or the best routes for biking around a city. But my dad makes me appreciate the smaller scale. A house has a personality that’s made up of the specific size of each bedroom, the placement of the doorways, the arrangement of the kitchen appliances. A house can tell the story of the people who live in it, or of the city it lives in.

So this month we’re going to look at setting on that small scale: houses in books. Here are some loving homes, some ruins, some houses of horror. All of these houses are characters themselves.

And we’ll be linking to the glorious Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver, Colorado.



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