July 2014: Summer Reads

The neat thing about the concept of summer reading is that it doesn’t really have to mean anything at all. I mean, obviously the theory is that people spend at least some chunk of their summers lying on the beach, or beside a pool, or on a blanket in the park, and that they want a few nice, light reads to keep them company. Which, yes, sure, absolutely. But people are different, and the books they choose to relax them and entertain them and delight them are different, too. I know more than one person who brings Moby Dick to the beach every year. Another friend insists on unwinding with presidential biographies. And while our tendencies might not be quite so ambitious, we promise some variety of our own as we tell you about the books we treasure during these long, hot days.

We know we’re just two voices in a vast crowd of book people talking and writing about summer reads right now. And we know that browsing all the suggestions can be a bit overwhelming. But the sheer quantity and variety of ideas and opinions is a reminder of how much fun reading can be, and a demonstration of the myriad ways people use books to have a good time. So we figured, “Hey, it’s July. It’s 80 degrees outside. Maybe it’s time to throw our two cents into the mix.”

Oh, and this month, we’re linking to McNally Jackson in New York!


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