First Lines

If you don’t count April (and we don’t—the favorites by age theme was just a clever way of introducing ourselves), this is the first proper, “normal” Read Five month. With that in mind, we thought we’d make our theme for May a theme about beginnings, because, you know, tidy symbolism is fun. And so welcome, then, to May 2014 and First Lines.

It’s a pretty self-explanatory theme, for the most part. Obviously, we love the opening lines of all the books we’re recommending this month—because they’re beautiful, or provocative, or hilarious, or catchy (or all of the above!). But we also love the rest of the lines, or (God forbid) we wouldn’t have much to talk about in our posts. These are five books that live up to their excellent openings. So, really, the main reason we’re excited about the first lines is because they’re perfect beginnings to books that we love.


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