Hello, internet!

Welcome and rejoice, we’ve got a blog! We’ve got a blog with a PLAN, and the plan is laid out on our about page, and we’re not going to rehash it for you here.

This is post number one of month number one, so we’re here to tell you about theme number one. We figured that the best way to introduce ourselves to the internet was to talk about our five favorite books, the ones we loved when we were five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and twenty-five. It’s a cute and useful gimmick!

These books are our real favorites, the ones we’ve loved our whole lives, and we tried to be as real as possible when we picked them out. They show our tastes and our biases and they’re very personal.

We ran into a bit of a problem while we were picking them out: they’re pretty white. We grew up liking some white books about white characters by white authors, and that is something we’re very aware of now. We think that reading books by and about people of color that represent a whole range of diverse lives is really important, and we’re going to be making a conscious effort to include those books in the future. But we also thought it was important for us to be honest about where we come from in our reading lives. Yes, diversity is a HUGE problem in the publishing industry, but it’s also important for us as readers to make sure we’re seeking out diverse books (because they exist! Maybe we can go back in time and tell our five-year-old selves).

We’re both really excited that Read Five is going to force us to pay attention to genres that we’re not familiar with, to read consciously and think about how the books we are reading are turning us into particular kinds of people. These books are the ones that made each of us the kind of people who want to read more stories and then talk your ear off about them on the internet. So here we go. First recommendations will be posted on April 5!



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